Author Topic: Does any know or have any John Willson pattern 99 blades in size91/2 or 93/4?  (Read 278 times)


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Im looking for new blades for my edea ice flys in size 255. vI have skated on pattern 99's before and really like them so I'm looking to get another pair. Ive been looking on sites like ebay and skate shops but was wondering if anyone either has some or knows some one with a pair there could sell. Im not excatly sure which size i need for my skates but either 91/2 or 93/4 . I dont really mind if the blades are attacked to another pair of skates, as long as the skates themselfs are wide fitting and either  size 255 or 260.  Preferably uk based only please so post and packaging cost is reduced. If you within 50miles of Blackpool I might be able to collect.
Many thanks
Milissa Taylor


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Rod Turner always used to have a decent stock:


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