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Foot problems -_-
« on: July 09, 2019, 09:29:31 PM »
So, I went skating today and had to call it quits after an hour because the side of my foot was really painful. I had previously noticed a mild pain the day before and have also noticed mild numbness in the big toe for a couple of weeks, maybe?
Upon inspection, it looks like I may be developing a bunion. The big toe is leaning in and the pain was from a lump at the side of the foot. I am mildly mortified.

I suspect this may have been brought on by lacing my boots too tight towards the toes. I wear standard width Edeas and have been skating just 7 weeks. This is a new thing, not a pre-existing issue. I'm going to get a splint and toe separator to stop it from getting worse but I have no idea if I can possibly correct it. A friend did suggest to me that issues like this can be common as your feet adjust to all the weird, new demands you place on them when starting to skate.

So my question is - have you experienced something like this, could you correct it and do you have suggestions of what I can do? I'm hoping just loosening up my boots and using some corrective things will sort it out but I don't know if I should consider going for wider boots. I'm worried they might end up being too big and lacking support.