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Reline Skate boots
« on: May 04, 2019, 02:44:58 PM »
Hi   I remember having my boots relined by John The Boot in Richmond (London) in the 1980s. Unfortunately, he retired a long time ago. As far as I am aware no one relines boots at present. 
  My boots SP-Teri Super Teris 9 half B bought in 2002 were replaced by Gams in 2013 9 and half C. The SP Teri were still usable being stiff and undamaged.  I kept them and now my Gams need replacing or relining they are still stiff and hardly damaged.  I tried the SP Teris this week and they are fitting better than the Gams! The Gams never fitted me well being too wide around the ankle area. The SP Teris are narrower around the ankle. Since all that is needed to continue with the boots I have is for them to be relined I am wondering whether anyone knows who to approach to get them to fit better. Perhaps a good shoe/boot repairer.  I live near the city of Bath.