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Re: General questions about figure skating
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Hello! I've been planning to write a book where the protagonist learns how to figure skate as a young adult. I'm no figure skater and know little about figure skating, i've been doing research though. However, I wanted to ask some questions here since i like to stick as close to reality as i can when i'm writing a book.

1. She would have skated a couple of times but nothing professional, she just went to the rink with some friends for fun.

2. Is it a requirement to have taken ballet classes to figure skate? Would it be realistic if she had started taken some basic ballet as a young adult? Or does she not need to take ballet in order to figure skate?

3. How long would it take for her to be a good enough skater to join competitions? She has natural talent for the sport and is quite fit.

I'll probably post a couple of more questions later  ;D ANy help would be greatly appreciated!

Going to the rink with friends for fun is only going to introduce you to the "death wellies", or ice rink hire skates.  Note that they now tend to be a hockey type rather than figure blades, and they're going to be blunt.

I should also throw in the question about what do you mean by "figure skate"?  Free skating (e.g. the jumps and spins), Pairs (synchronized jumps/spins with partner + thrown jumps and lifts), or Dance (you'll need a regular partner)?  Not to ignore the other ice options like short and long track speed skating.

What "competitions" are you thinking of? Obviously not local rink or inter-rink?  Country, Worlds, Olympics?  Or maybe some "adult" competition like Oberstdorf?

Country - maybe, but unlikely.  Depends how poor the competition is.
Worlds/Olympics - never as an adult these days.  Unless you're contemplating quads as a teenager then probably beyond reach.

It certainly helps if you've got some significant other talent (or superpower).  Didn't someone previously on Strictly as a pro win DOI?  Ballet on its own probably isn't sufficient; it just helps.  Gymnastics would also help.

Unlimited funding, a manic determination, and time, as others have already illustrated, is almost mandatory if you want to make a mark.  You're also a good meal-ticket for a coach as a dedicated adult, although as an adult you also realise there are other things in life.

Sorry if all that sounds really negative.  Ice skating is enjoyable.  It doesn't have to be about the competition, but more likely to be nowadays.