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Gay Games Paris 2018
« on: May 17, 2018, 09:40:25 AM »
We have booked our tickets to watch the Ice Skating Gala 9th August 2018.

Never been to Paris, going to watch the Gala is an excuse to have a mini holiday. I would like to see the actual competition not just the hi-lights selected for the Gala but the website is confusing.

A variety of categories are being competed under ISI and ISU rules.

I hope this event is well supported and that NISA takes note. Same sex couples for Ice Dance in the UK would be a positive step . Just think of all the girls who would like to do ice dance with a partner but find the lack of boys in the sport stops them.

Even Special Olympics whose international scoring is still on the old Six-0 system allows same sex partners, check out the Hungarian twin sisters who partner each others in Special Olympic pairs.

Dance sport in the UK has recognised the need, girls can compete in ballroom together.

If anyone has any top tips for where to stay or eat in Paris please share.

And if anyone is going as a competitor and still needs an awesome costume message me at SJCskatewear on facebook  O0 Closing date for entry is 30th June 2018.