Author Topic: Riedell Emerald 119 wide and white skates for sale  (Read 387 times)


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Riedell Emerald 119 wide and white skates for sale
« on: February 13, 2018, 10:35:27 PM »
Hi I am a new member was and am fascinated with Riedel Skates tried to buy them on there websites didn't work out they do net sell on international debit or credit cards so ended up by asking my friend to buy them for me that he did for 120 pounds but I had to send him 143 pounds for parcel sending charge (didn't know that generous man in heart he would spend much more than that) skates arrived in UK in a week but afterwords have been robed by the customs officers cause as they explained any parcel worth more than 139 pounds is chargeable with 33 pounds levy plus 11 pounds handling fee ended up paying 44 pounds to the customs (they probably didn't care that skates didn't cost in US so much) so in total skates costed me 187 pounds and guess what they are half size big my exact feet length is 270 mm so according to Riedel charts I had to buy Riedel size 9.. so if U are a girl or lady want to enjoy just recreational skating having UK shoe size 8 or even 8 1/2 and living in London these skates are for u.. they are real leather, white, and plus wide as well if u want to see pictures or description just u can check it on the Riedel web Emerald 119. so if anybody is interested to have proper American quality skate recreational skating u can have them for 187 pounds I am not making any profit here just give me what I spent for it.. skates arrived today are in the box.. why being man did I buy white skates I just like them white with the same colour as ice and snow so if u are a man and are not in Olympic selection for u too it can be alright.. why would I spend so much for a skates that I can buy for 100 quid in any online shop somebody would ask.. first u will not find white skates this size second u will not find skates on line that are wide made of by manufacturer third u will not find Riedel.. if anybody is interested pls. ask more questions I will not hesitate to answer..