Author Topic: FOR SALE: Paramount 10.25 Coronation Ace Profile blades  (Read 646 times)


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FOR SALE: Paramount 10.25 Coronation Ace Profile blades
« on: March 07, 2016, 09:28:20 AM »
Hi all

Testing the water as I'm having my new Paramount Gold Seal profile blades delivered shortly.

I have a used pair of Paramount Coronation Ace profile blades for sale.  I paid 195 for these from Paramount directly.  They are hot pink and turquoise blue in colour.  They have a couple of scratches but you can't see them once on the ice, you only notice them up close.  Two of the rivets from the holder to the blade are missing, one on each blade in the middle, but this in no way affects the blade and I have been advised by Paramount that this doesn't affect the life of the blade, nor will the blade come out of the holder.

My only reason for sale is that I can't get used to Coronation Ace profile as the rocker is too severe for me and I need a larger toepick.

They will only be available once my new blades arrive.

I've attached a pic which is when I first had them sent to me.  I can take further pictures if required.

Looking for 80 - collection to Telford or Cannock and postage will be extra.


Vikki O0