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Can you do a non-cheated Kilian (open) Choctaw?  Could you ever?  Do you know anyone that can?  Any tips?  I find the closed one quite easy, the open one seems impossible without surgery.  I mean I can do it but the entry edge is always cheated.
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: What did you achieve this week
« Last Post by WednesdayMarch on Yesterday at 05:02:17 PM »
I went skating for the second week in a row, after my 18 year hiatus!  I didn't fall over, I didn't injure myself, and I laughed a lot.

Weirdly, I discovered that I find a blues Choctaw (LFI to RBO) easier than a RFO closed Mohawk.  I'm not sure what that's saying about my right leg but I think I'm going to have to have a chat with it.

I had a tiny attempt at clockwise backward crossovers but chickened out very quickly.  They still make me feel sick, even 18 years after the event.  Next week will be better...
It appears they are still in business.  The wifa facebook page has had lots of updates in September 😊
Thanks for your replies.

Indeed i was thinking some off ice work would be valuable and half the reason I'm thinking of going back.  I need some motivation to exercise more.  I won't be getting much ice time so will need to supplement it.  I was thinking mainly flexibility and core with yoga and then some cardio.  I do yoga once a week and might have to think about some more stretching at home. 

WednesdayMarch wow sounds like quite an operation.  Good on you for getting back into it.  I had considered dance or synchro.  Maybe dance down the track but synchro just isn't what I'm used to. 

As far as quality of equipment.  I had skated on mk professional blades so don't know any different.  I reached a point where i had to advamce or leave.  I chose to focus on my last two years of high school and a casual job at the movies.  I wish i could give these new boots and blades to my younger self and tell her to keep going cause skating really made me happy.  I didnt realise it for another 10 years but i think it was what was missing for me for a while after i left.  I'm hoping to have more fun with the artisitic side this time. 

Florence I'm thinking of coronation aces too.  I think I'd love some phantoms or up a level but find it so hard to justify.  Perhaps if i get out and use them by getting back into the sport.  But first i feel the need to see if I'm going to go often.  The rink os 30 mins away and i have a ny kids are 2.5 and 5.5 years so still dependent.  I am keen to give it a red hot go as per Mr 5's school motto 😄

Oh i hope they haven't gone into administration.  The website doesn't indicate anything.  They are expensive but not a lot of choice as I'm in Australia.  Here in Melbourne skating isn't big so not much to chose from.  There were more rinks in Sydney where i grew up.  They really were very different to other skates i tried on.  My feet felt so happy in the Wfia's! 

I have been wondering whether there is any difference in support between skatecs and champion lights in terms of support.  The champion derby or reinforced are heavier and have a thicker sole and harder but the light had the same sole as the skatec.  So i wonder whether they have more support in the sides.  Something might be different otherwise why would they need a boot between the two.  I've been tossing up between the two but i think the skatec might be ok.  Yes the champions would last longer but i would have a stiffer boot starting out and i want to see that I'm using them and they do have extra weight.  I'll go ask the people I'm buying through if they are still selling them and ask about the champion lights too. 

Loving hearing others who have got back into it and the big smiles!

General Ice Skating Chat / Re: does your rink do annual shows
« Last Post by WifaWobble on Yesterday at 02:13:05 PM »
Hmmm, only just realised I'd resurrected an old thread without paying proper attention.  Not that I'm one of those head explodes types about that in principle, as a topic is topic regardless of date.  Am pruning email notifications for this site from my inbox.  I had in mind my experiences of Peterborough, where is seemed the greatest concentration of adults was at the dance club, which the coaches and staff and parents of free skaters disapproved of so they never seemed to get invited to join the Christmas show, and Milton Keynes where our then dance coach seemed an irritant again to the otherwise free-skating is dominant/superior free skating coaches so they appear not to have kept him in the loop and then it would seem even if he did know of a participation event he then chose to not tell us, presumably because he himself didn't want anything to do with it.  Rough n tough business skating really!
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: does your rink do annual shows
« Last Post by The ice mouse on Yesterday at 02:02:50 PM »
We are currently in rehearsal for Aladdin on Ice. Tickets are on sale - See link below

General Ice Skating Chat / Re: does your rink do annual shows
« Last Post by VisuallyImpairedOnIce on Yesterday at 01:58:48 PM »
Mine does. All above a certain learn to skate level are invited to sign up. We have a good mix of kids and adults too. Last April we did an Easter gala too - everyone in my group got a 30 second solo spot, regardless of level.

I love show season - just started rehearsals for this year :)
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: does your rink do annual shows
« Last Post by WifaWobble on Yesterday at 01:14:04 PM »
Some do ... some adults even get invited to participate by some coaches.  If not then you might not even know there might have been a chance.
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Coach problems
« Last Post by VisuallyImpairedOnIce on Yesterday at 12:48:47 PM »
I'm a trained teaching assistant in schools- what you say about him being worse when no parents are around is raising a major red flag for me. That's a safeguarding issue and needs reporting.

Please get your daughter away from him, he's a bully and she deserves better and to enjoy her skating.

As an aside, I'm quite hard on myself and both coaches I have regular contact will politely but firmly pull me up on it if I call myself useless, hopeless, terrible etc. They'll always tell me I'm not, and will point out the things I do well. That's what skaters of any age need, support and encouragement, not bullying.

I hope you get it sorted soon.
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Coach problems
« Last Post by Bemary on Yesterday at 10:23:10 AM »
Thank you so much for your replies. They reinforce my belief that something is wrong.
It is terrible to see her so demoralised and sad after her lessons and I also worry he will destroy my daughter's confidence generally, especially as she is at that vulnerable stage, having just started senior school and experiencing lots of changes.
In the whole time my daughter has been skating, we have never been late once. I always watch her lessons and can't see her misbehaving. She does try hard but is stuck on her double jumps, which in her coach's opinion, "aren't that difficult". He particularly picks on her during off ice classes where no parents are around. Some other children spend their time giggling or rolling around the floor but get away with it while my daughter gets sent to the back of the room if she falls while doing a jump.
Some of his skaters have moved to different coaches in the past but the reasons are kept quiet at the rink.
Thank you for your kind replies. I'm now determined to put an end to this situation, speak to the head coach and try and find a new coach for her, thank you!

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