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General Ice Skating Chat / Backwards Outside Edges
« Last Post by littlemissengineer on Today at 09:17:29 AM »
I have been reading the forum for a while for tips and information but didn't really have anything helpful of my own to contribute so kept quiet! But now I have a question/request for advice.

I started a LTS course in late February and I have passed Grades 1,2,3,4 and I'm working on Grade 5. I've passed everything except backwards outside edges, I just can't seem to stay on the outside edge. I hold it for maybe a second and then wobble back on to gliding backwards in straight line. I've been on Grade 5 for 8 weeks now because I can't get the hang of them and I'm rather frustrated! I passed through Graded 1-4 with relative ease in 3 months but backwards outside edges seem to be my nemesis!  I have a half hour group lesson every week and the occasional private lesson as well as about 3-5hrs practise skating with my mum. She was a figure skater when she was younger and still whizzes around the rink doing spins and jumps at the age of 60  O0. Mum has exhausted her help bank of advice and I don't have another private lesson for 3 weeks so I was hoping someone on here might have some tips or advice? I'm wondering if getting my skates sharpened might help? I've never had them sharpened ...

In the meantime I've started some of the level 6 things (two foot spin and backwards slalom, both of which I can do) but as I don't have a backwards outside edge I cant do forwards inside 3 turn, backwards crossovers or backwards to step to forwards.

Sorry for the uber long post and thanks you :)
General Ice Skating Chat / Basingstoke rink and the great flood
« Last Post by Leif on July 21, 2017, 01:27:26 PM »
I'm not sure if anyone else here goes to Basingstoke rink. On Tuesday evening the flash storms caused flooding of the kitchen, and took down some of the electrics including the lockers. A kitchen staff member was complaining of a soggy bottom.  :o All we heard while on ice was rumbling on the roof. Anyway, the staff coped very well, rerouting power to the lockers from a live socket, and allowing us skaters access to our car keys and wallets.  :D I suspect they had a lot of hard work mopping up the mess, and bringing it all back to life. Looking on the bright side, they had hordes of youngsters on ice that night, bringing in much needed income.

They seem to have more than their fair share of troubles. A week earlier an ice machine broke down in mid cut, leaving half the ice unfinished. And a few weeks before than an ice machine broke its drive shaft, and had to be coned off on ice while they waited for the engineer to come down from Birmingham. Given that some of the ice was cordoned off for learners, we ended up with 1/3 of the rink.  :o Still, the ice has been very good of late, and we should be thankful that we have a rink.  :) There are rumours of a new rink in the Milestones building, we can but hope.
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Super Scary (Be Critical Please)
« Last Post by Leif on July 21, 2017, 01:13:09 PM »
Is it really that long since we last posted? How is it going? I haven't been to Guildford for ages, I now pay monthly at Basingstoke, and have unlimited public skating for a modest monthly fee.
Ice Hockey / Re: Another hockey beginner
« Last Post by Leif on July 21, 2017, 01:10:51 PM »
Another session last night, and a good one. Lots of good drills. The skating with puck around cones was tough, and I made a total mess of it. That's one skill to work on, not sure how since public sessions do not allow sticks and pucks. I guess it might be possible to take on some small cones in the week when almost no-one is on the ice. The scrimmages were good, I did some interceptions and decent passes. A couple of times I made a mistake such as passing forwards from the end, and several team members explained why it was not a good move, and how to do better, which is really useful. At one point I lost my balance, did a nice little dance, and fell flat on my backside. Ah well. Slowly but surely, although my puck control needs huge work.  :)
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Off ice skates difference?
« Last Post by Florence on July 21, 2017, 09:31:22 AM »
I have tried both. I found quads heavier and nearly had heart attack when tried crossovers on them!But after watching people and youtube vids of people on quads doing artistic skating, it is very possible to transfer Ice moves to them.  I think if you go for quads you need to adapt your technique from Ice. Also from the searches I did, I found the quads to be much more expensive, even second hand (unless you buy a leisure pair which are very heavy) That being said you  have to adjust a little on the inlines as you cannot be sliding your foot you have to lift.  My personal opinion is, if you want the off Ice to support the on ice, go for the inlines.

My daughter has Inlines, she has an Edea Ice boot with an elite blade (will post link later when not on phone)  She does most things on them that she does on ice. The blades are quite easy to measure and fit yourself.
I have a beginner boot and blade (but I don't use very often and am equally rubbish at ice skating so dont take my opinions as gospel!) But I would recommend if you are past Skate Uk that you get a  better boot than beginner for support.
The off ice inlines have wheels that simulate edges but have only seen one pair standard inlines,  which didn't and are more rounded.

Hope that helps a little, I have a good ability for confusing people with my indecisiveness :) Will post links later x  (Random one off youtube)

Quads ... (Amazing :o )

Ice Hockey / Re: A total noob to Ice Hockey - sore and loving it
« Last Post by AndyinSwindon on July 21, 2017, 07:42:46 AM »
Post LTP update time!

After a 3 week break, it was back on the ice last night for LTP.  In the interim I have worked on stops (coming along nicely), basic mohawks, forwards - backwards turns, and a bit of edgework.

Got off to a great start, laps around the rink to warm up, and decided to try one of my much improved stops.....only to find myself catching an edge on the freshly cut ice, stumbling, and flying / sliding shoulders first into the boards.

From that point on, my stops felt like they had gone backwards by two months.  My skates felt ok, not too tight or loose, but I just had no edge control.  My performance on the drills was lacklustre at best, my shots on goal during the drills were laughably slow and without power, my stick handling was all over the place.  Just couldn't get it together.

Was a very frustrating session.  Even on the scrimmage game in the second half of the session I struggled to read the game, didn't seem to make myself useful at all, and felt like I was just out on the rink having a 'bit of a skate around' a bit detached from the game, almost like a spectator on the ice, despite trying to place myself in useful positions.  On the odd occasions that I did get the puck, it was so unexpected that I either threw my balance a little, or ended up just deflecting it.

Maybe I was just having an off day, or was over-tired, but whilst it was an enjoyable session, I felt more like the comic relief than a potential player.

Oh well, it can only progress from here, surely?
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Off ice skates difference?
« Last Post by transmissionoftheflame on July 21, 2017, 07:27:04 AM »
I have not skated on quads but would have thought inlines would be closer to the ice experience as the line of wheels more close mimics the blade of an ice skate and the feel of doing an edge on the blade will be quite different to on a quad.  That said I think any kind of skating on any kind of skate strengthens your skating skills - but you may not want to have to used to a different feel off ice.  Whatever you get will feel a bit different. I tried off ice figure skates once and other than not being able to stop immediately the feel was very very close to ice.

What inline skate make/model have you found for 200?
General Ice Skating Chat / Off ice skates difference?
« Last Post by Iceskatingjess on July 20, 2017, 09:19:46 PM »
I'm deciding whether to get some off ice skates. And I've seen you can get some off ice skates for around 200 with the wheels all in line (basically inline skates) or you can get quad skates. And I was wondering what the difference between the two are. As I'm doing field moves at the moment and is wanting to progress onto other levels and possibly do synchro. Which ones are best for me?
Ice Hockey / Re: Another hockey beginner
« Last Post by Leif on July 20, 2017, 09:04:03 AM »
I've spent lots of time in public sessions doing basic drills, lots of going in circles to improve my crossovers which need a lot of work, and lots of turns on one foot to improve inside and outside edge control. My forwards ACW hockey stop is still weak, but improving, I can do it well on one foot, but getting that trailing foot down on the ice and using the outside edge is tough. The other forward hockey stop, and both backwards ones are good going by comments from friends. Forwards one foot hockey stops on the trailing foot are progressing. Forwards one foot slaloms are also progressing. I was told off for lifting my free leg too high, and not wiggling my hips enough. Hi ho.  :) Backwards one foot slaloms remain totally out of reach.

In the last stick and puck session the coach was on the ice and playing in the scrimmages, and seeing someone skate and play so well is both inspiring and deflating. His skate and stick control was amazing. It shows how bad I am, and yet it gives something to aim for. Can someone in middle age ever reach such a level or is that only for someone who learnt as a kid? Ah well, there is only one way to find out before they nail down the lid on the box.  :)
Ice Hockey / Re: A total noob to Ice Hockey - sore and loving it
« Last Post by Leif on July 19, 2017, 01:23:17 PM »
Cross rolls are definitely worth mastering, they will work wonders with your outside edges. Try them slowly with a wide curve and fast with tight curves. Backwards cross rolls are another one for you to try.  :D A friend can do them, along with many other tricks including the penguin stop, one of my favourites which I cannot even begin to attempt.
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