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General Ice Skating Chat / Re: What did you do in today's lesson?
« Last Post by Laimelde on April 21, 2018, 07:07:53 AM »
First week in level 5, I felt unusually anxious as I love my lessons but I'd had a quick look at what level 5 covers and forward crossovers scare me stupid!

Hey Squeeze, I was properly terrified of crossovers too! That moment when you cross one leg over the other always felt so dangerous, like I was intentionally putting myself in an unstable position where the risk of falling was dramatically higher, and it just made no logical sense to me to be trying to do this move at all!  ;D

I can assure you it gets better! Make sure you're bending your knees as much as you can - it makes the crossover easier and lowers your centre of gravity and makes you more stable, so the move becomes a tiny bit less scary. (Only time and practice will take away the rest of the fear.)

You'll get your 3 turns too - they took me forever but now outside 3s are one of my favourite moves!
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: What did you do in today's lesson?
« Last Post by VisuallyImpairedOnIce on April 20, 2018, 08:46:42 AM »
In last Saturdayís performance class we got back to normal after the Easter show and subsequent holidays. We did some clapping and kicking exercises to work on our timing first.

Then we did a wheel - Iím getting more comfortable with going faster as Iím usually close to the outside.

Then we had a choice, on ice exercises or go off and put a routine together - myself and 2 friends chose the latter! The routine had to have a spin, a spiral and a jump (done by different people) and a portion of synchronised skating. What we put together was very well received by the group coach.

Then yesterday I had a private lesson, to start work on my artistic routine for Juneís competition. This went well, we both love the music and the choreography has some of my favourite stuff in it.

This Saturday Iíll be back at performance class and my regular small group so thatíll be a lot of skating this week.
My plantar fasciitis is so much better and I felt the healing almost immediately. I say healing because with me using the inserts my feet are feeling so much better even when barefoot. I can get out of bed and walk in the morning with no problem. For over a year I was trying all sorts of inserts at the drug store and went for therapy, but no real change. Orthofeet inserts worked right away. I have had them a month and I ordered a second set just so I won't be without them. I also got the sandals which I love too. I use them as slippers. Maybe you will come out with slippers, I hope :) 
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Orthotics/insoles for ice skating
« Last Post by akshayv on April 19, 2018, 11:15:05 AM »
My heel area was constantly in pain. I figured if I try this produce maybe my feet would be happier. So I ordered and expected the item to take its usual 2-4 weeks, because I live in Hawaii. To my surprise, not only was shipping free, the item was at my home on the promised dated. Since I have worn my new shoes, my heels are no longer in pain! I needed orthofeet shoes
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Pinched nerve? Help!
« Last Post by Robbo on April 18, 2018, 11:15:38 PM »
Thanks for the link. Actually today I laced up how I do normally however on the last hole I went outside I rather than inside out. This worked wonders but Might give this new method a go. Now Iíve properly broken in these skates and Iím feeling more comfortable Iíll be swapping to my waxed laces which should help too.
Competitions / Re: Adult Synchro comps in the UK
« Last Post by Greycut on April 18, 2018, 06:10:01 PM »
The Altrincham synchro club usually does a camp every year.  Their web site is

If you contact the coach Sam Ozard I'm sure she will advise.

EDIT: sorry misread the word comp as camp. 
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: Pinched nerve? Help!
« Last Post by Greycut on April 18, 2018, 05:18:51 PM »
Glad to hear your ok.  Picking up on a comment earlier about trying to change the way you lace up.

I've generally worn Jackson boots and laced them the usual way I tie shoes, i.e. through the inside eyelet out of the top,  then over to the other side under the inside etc.  Hope you can follow that.  The trouble with this method is no matter how tight you do the laces they slip and feel too loose, so you end up doing multiple re-lacings eventually over tightening every section as much as possible, which causes lacebite pain. The shops I've bought them from tied them this way as well so I never thought anything of it.  This causes premature breakdown of the boots.

Having bought Edea boots this last time they recommend to lace, in the top - out of the bottom etc and it really does lock the laces.  Here's a video of the method.

Try the edea method it see if it helps. 

I now use a hybrid of the two that really works well for me, which is the normal method across the toes, except for the last holes where I use the Edea method.  This allows you to lock in the foot position which doesn't slip, but gives a little bit of slip to the top of the foot as you bend your knees. 

Anyone else have any special way of tightening their boots?

General Ice Skating Chat / Re: What did you achieve this week
« Last Post by The Sacred Voice on April 18, 2018, 02:47:03 AM »
My coach was sick today so I just ran my jumps as was. Then one of the elite skaters asked me to show her my attempts at Axel (which are abysmal and sad) and then went on to bring me some absolutely amazing revelations about how to think about the jump better. She then went on to get me off ice practising exercises to help getting better at it. I landed funny on my ankle at one point and it's nothing serious but I'll definitely feel it in the morning ::)

The only bad news (from my training perspective) about the rest of the day was I got so excited to catch up with one of my rink friends that I haven't seen in a month that I totally failed to prepare myself for the patch session after the public he was on, so I ended up skipping it, which means I'm behind on practise, oops! :-[

In other news, on today's public, I saw blood on the ice for the first time when a rental skate wearing ice tourist visited the rink and smacked her temple on the ice and spent a considerable amount of time being looked after by the rink first aiders while still on the ice :o After they got her off the ice some 20-30 minutes later then they coned off the blood and directed everyone off the ice so they could chip the blood off and resurface that bit. Very alarming!
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: basic skating skills
« Last Post by deimante on April 18, 2018, 01:16:48 AM »
a bit of an update: so i've been doing group lessons for nearly 2 months now and they've been superrr helpful. i started from level 4 and i'm really happy with my progress and that the teacher challenges us with stuff from above levels. so yeah, if you've been hesitant about taking group lessons, you should totally do it as you fill progress faster than learning alone.
General Ice Skating Chat / Re: What did you achieve this week
« Last Post by WednesdayMarch on April 17, 2018, 02:03:35 PM »
I passed level 7
I have now lost one whole stone in weight

Way to go!  That's brilliant!   :D

AND more importantly, I got a "I was impressed with your 3 turns tonight mom" off mini me!

Winning at life, Florence.  8)

I've been looking up Skate Uk Star Ice Dancing and a lot of it means very little to me! I wish you could get a translator app for skating.
Does anyone know of any links where it explains what each ?element entails please? I am guessing one of them is barrel rolls but not sure.

Try reading each part of the element separately, whilst balancing on the required foot and approximating the movement.  You'll be amazed how it becomes almost understandable!   ;D  Of course, it does help if you know exactly what goes into a Left Forward Outside Closed Mohawk and where your free leg and foot end up, so you can then see how that links to cross in front on to a Left Backward Inside edge before you step forward onto the Right Forward Inside edge to prepare to start the movement all over again...  What would be really nice is if there were handy little YouTube videos of each element, but I suspect NISA won't allow that...
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